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Our staff deeply value intellectual pursuits as well as spiritual, cultural, sporting and arts endeavours. Our teachers are experts in holistic education – educating the whole child.

Catholic Education teachers are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being life-long learners and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.

Principal Amanda Jones
APRE Nicole O'Connor
Acting Assistant Principal Pedagogy & Learning Rita Cranitch
Guidance Counsellor Felicity Griggs
Prep Kelly Harris, Megan Tatnell
Years 1 & 2 Cate Eathorne / Chiara Oar, Jaimie Hollingsworth / Nicole O'Connor
Years 3 & 4 Olivia Licciardello, Tracie Duthie, John Eade
Years 5 & 6 Kelsey Rye, Maria Johansen / Chrissa Di Bartolo, Anna Lynch
LOTE (Italian) Anita Julyan
Arts Anita Julyan
HPE Cate Eathorne, Anna Lynch
Secretary - Finance Debbie Watson
Secretary Areti Danello
Chaplain Stephanie Ryder
Learning Support Cathy Bevilacqua; Angela Di Marzio; Michelle Felesina; Emily Fiamingo; Renee Hayward; Kaylaha Malaponte; Sharyn Osborn; Janette Pattinson; Corinna Polga; Katrina Rainbow; Hayden Savorgnan
General Aide Emily Arthur
Groundsmen George Brooker; Leeroy Chung
Tuckshop Convenor Kylie Farrell