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St Francis School is a Catholic co-educational school located in the town of Ayr in the Burdekin region. The school has 240 students from Prep to Year 6. The school is one of three Catholic schools that serve the Burdekin communities and is inspired by the motto, “Christ and Knowledge”. Established by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1912, St Francis School remains committed to celebrating the message of Jesus Christ whilst providing educational excellence in teaching and learning. Highly professional staff and smaller class sizes provide a safe and nurturing educational environment that gives students a sense of belonging, conducive to learning. St Francis School recognises students and families are integral to the school’s success and is truly blessed by a generous school community.

St Francis students model Christian values in line with the school’s expectations of always being safe, responsible, respectful and proud, while staff understand this process is developmental and evolving. The school’s culture is underpinned by Gospel values which instill respect, honesty, concern for others, co-operation, obedience, and tolerance in children. St Francis School is built on an educational partnership between child, school, family and Church to help children become thinking, believing members of society.


Principal: Mrs Amanda Jones 

99 Edward Street
Ayr QLD 4807

P: (07) 4783 2877
F: (07) 4783 3978

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