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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

We believe that the well-being of our entire school community is of utmost importance. At St Francis Catholic School we have the following Pastoral Care processes in place.

Pastoral Care Weeks

Pastoral Care Weeks take place up to 3 times per term in place of our normal Assembly. During these weeks, teachers run Circle Time with their classes. Circle Time is both a philosophy for healthy relationships and a positive pedagogy for learning them. Circles are a safe and positive way of development:

  • Self-awareness, knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge, understanding and acceptance of others
  • Pro-social behaviour
  • A sense of belonging and connectedness
  • A focus on positive, solution-focused thinking
  • Resilience, increased emotional resources and wellbeing
  • Collaborative decision-making, conflict resolution and problem-solving

All teachers have been trained in Circle Time.

School TV

School TV articles are shared regularly on our school Facebook page and in the weekly Newsletter.


We have a school Chaplain available for students to talk to about things that are concerning them. Our Chaplain also works in classrooms to develop a rapport with students.


URSTRONG is all about empowering kids with friendship skills!  URSTRONG is a proven, skills-based strategy that teaches kid-friendly concepts, skills and language to help them build and maintain healthy friendships.

Research shows whole-school approaches are the most effective. URSTRONG creates a common language of friendship among kids, teachers, and parents.

Kids love to recite the 4 Friendship Facts which helps them understand what to expect in their friendships.

The Friend-o-Meter is a great tool to understand how kids feel about their friendships and what they can do to improve them.

The Friend-o-Cycle helps kids understand how they can put out Friendship Fires and make their friendships closer and stronger.

URSTRONG encourages kids to stand up for themselves in a kind, respectful way. Identifying if a conflict is a Friendship Fire vs Mean on Purpose is key!