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Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use Agreement

St Francis Catholic School, Ayr, provides for the educational needs of students through a range of information and communication technology resources. This agreement is designed to ensure the Cyber-Safety and Digital Citizenship of our students and must be accepted by students, parents and guardians in order to have access to the school’s ICT resources.

When using technology, I will always:

Show respect by:

  • Thinking and checking that what I write or post online is polite, respectful and appropriate.
  • Treating others kindly in all online interactions, never sending mean or bullying messages or passing them on.
  • Not copying someone else’s work or ideas from the internet

Show safety by:

  • Looking after myself and others by thinking about what I share online
  • Not emailing any person who does not wish to receive email, not sending unsolicited bulk mail messages.
  • Never answering questions online that ask for my personal information
  • Ensuring that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk.

Show responsibility by:

  • Allowing others to learn by not interfering with their technological equipment
  • Only joining a space online with my teacher or parent’s guidance and permission
  • Protecting my password and not sharing it with others
  • Protecting my friends’ information in the same way
  • Only accessing relevant and appropriate online content
  • Being careful with the technology equipment at all times

Be proud by:

  • Only using my Google Account for educational purposes
  • Trying my hardest when given online tasks
  • Participating positively and productively in collaborative online activities
  • Maintaining the image and reputation of St. Francis School, Ayr.

I understand and will follow this Agreement. If I break this agreement, the consequences could include suspension of computer privileges and/or disciplinary action as outlined in the Behaviour Management Policy.